Thursday, June 3, 2010



There's really not much to say. By now everyone has seen Sportcenter or logged on to a computer (It's the lead story on most internet news pages such as I'll always remember that time me and my dad saw Armando Galarraga pitch a perfect game, even if the record books don't reflect as much. Great game AG.


  1. You were there!?!?!? I'm surprised my text isn't showing up green with envy. That's a story of a lifetime you've got right there.

  2. my buddy's season tix. he had a long weekend and was backed up with work and asked if i wanted his two. called my dad at 5 told him to pick me up at 6 and we'll head downtown for dinner, a few beers and the game. never thought i would be at one of the most magical and controversial games in history!

  3. That is a nice seat.

    I am in Section 126 but did not have that game.