Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cards From Lakeland!

Over the weekend I recieved an envelope from fellow blogger Jeremy who runs Jeremy's Custom Cards. Jeremy emailed me some kind words about my Cecil blog and wanted to donate a few cards to my collection...


That's not Ces! It's Jeremy on a custom 2009 Topps card! Autographed, no less! Thanks dude, definitely going in my special book for unique cards.


1994 OPC All-Star Redemption Card #20, but more importantly a card I didn't have in my collection. Perfect!


1998 Pinnacle #125. Nice pic of Cecil playing the field, for he was primarily a DH during the latter part of his career. Once again, a new card to add to the collection.

Um, oh yeah, there was one more card in the envelope...


Um, oh yeah... WOWZER! 1986. Autographed. Cecil Fielder. Rookie card. I was speechless. Definitly the coolest card I've ever gotten in the mail! Or in person! I have Big Daddy's sig on a ball, but no cards. Until now. Thanks for the amazing cards Jeremy!

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