Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rookie Card Week - 1986 Toronto Blue Jays Fire Safety / Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Card



Boy that's a mouthful! We'll kick Rookie Card Week off with a bootleg. Probably only available in Toronto, these cards we're "giveaways" co-sponsored by the Jays and Ontario Fire Fighters. Not sure who else is in the set, but it's a whopping 36 cards deep! You can find this card for a couple bucks from various online dealers. This one cost me 35 cents. Not a great speciman, BGS would probably give it a 6 'cuz of the off-centering. Oh well.

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  1. These sets started in 1985 and were produced until 1990 or so. I remember that a certain number of players were available each week, and going to fire station to fire station trying to get the whole set. The card stock was pretty flimsy, but for a Jays collector, they were pretty good, because some of the players did not have cards in the regular Topps, Donruss and Fleer sets, plus we got cards of the coaching staff. Good memories.